février 21, 2010

Dorje Chang

fresh born Dorje Chang

décembre 06, 2009

Yeshe Tsogyal

Just new born thanka of Yeshe Tsogyal
in all her feminine beauty
(at least i tryed)

décembre 02, 2009

a frame

If you need to protect your thanka from humidity of you move it a lot

here is our suggestion- Frame.

septembre 02, 2009



New Frescos

this summer our workshop has finished some new frescos and they took their place in the temple of Le Bost. You can see here Nagarjuna

août 31, 2009

If by bathing daily God could be realized
Sooner would i be a whale in the deep;
If by eating roots and fruits He could be known
Gladly would i choose the form of a goat;
If the counting of rosaries uncovered Him
I would say my prayers on mammoth beads;
If bowing before stone images unveiled Him
A flinty mountain i would humbly worship;
If by drinking milk the Lord could be imbibed
Many calves and children would know Him;
If abandoning one's wife could summon God
Would not thousands be eunuchs?
Mirabai knows that to find the Divine One
The only indespensable is Love.

août 23, 2009

some details

We have finished the work! looks great!